Staying safe


In my April 2nd post, I provided information on how social media networks help organizations to grow and become more profitable. Today’s post will be focussed on personal usage of social media. It is no secret that Facebook is now the most popular social media platform used for connecting with everyone. Twitter also does a good job at connecting celebrities with their fan bases and vice versa. One problem with this is that Gen Y and Gen Z users seem to share everything online – whether its for buying delicious ice cream or getting a new hair cut for the second time that week; there is no privacy.

During the weekend, a good friend of mine had her Facebook account ‘copied’ (where someone created another account with the same name, profile picture and went on to add all the same friends and family members). Not too long ago, another family friend had her account hacked, where the counterfeit person gave out a bank account number, asking friends and family to give money for a situation that did not exist. Advancements of technology increases hacking and it is good practice to be familiar with our privacy and security options/settings on social networks and on your devices as well. While social networks’ main priority is to create safe communicating environments online, it is a good idea to always be alert! Be safe when you are storing personal details online. Here’s a video that can help you with the basics 🙂


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